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A small Firefox add-on which makes stack overflow less distracting. It's available as a firefox add-on and allows for a cleaner stackoverflow experience.

Moog Hackathon 2020

We returned in 2020. This was another good year, we had a decent pace down at this point. The idea this year was to create a smoothie that is controlled by a Werkstatt. I have a lot of interest in contintuing food-based synthesis. The LFO/VCO controlled how fast each particular motor spinned and in turn how much of the particular smoothie ingredient makes it into the blender. It was all VERY DIY maybe to a fault. I had a good time make it out of cardboard and toy car motors though. A follow-up would make it out of real materials. Here's a video. We won best performance for this year!

Moog Hackathon 2019

2019 was our peak. We got 2nd place for our car synthesis device. We'd had the idea for a while, but had made some ill-fated attempts at doing the sensors ourselves. To mitigate any of our own sensor placement, we used the obd-ii port on my car to pull data from the engine. We used the speed, RPM, throttle position and the fuel trim to control the Werkstatt. The judges took a ride in my car which was 100% humorous. It sounds like this. I'd like to do this again but a granular synthesis approach.

Open Source Code Contributions

A Small PR to move some Audacity Scripts to python3