Music + Context

I'm currently playing with Big Head in Brooklyn, NY. More fun indie rock music!

I was in a nu-metal band, Negative Head We only released this demo, but they were some of the most fun shows I ever played.

I have made a little solo music. I am making more.

I released an EP for the EP Race of 2021. I was only able to make 1 though lol, I really enjoy it though!

Kucoshka was/is my band from high school. I joined was I was ~14 and continued till I was 21. I'm not sure what to think of it still.

Kucoshka got featured in theneedledrop's It Came From Bandcamp series. This sent me into an existential crisis as it was shortly after I left the band. We ended up getting another review from Scaruffi which furthered the feelings.

I'm no longer in James Hunter USA. It's the most straight-ahead band I've ever been in and I sometimes have difficult talking about it because of that. I do genuinely think it is good and enjoyable pop-rock music.

This project morphed into New Weirdos , which I'm also no longer in!

Live Action Anime Boy is one iteration of the Styrofoam Punk genre. The concept is to create an entire album in one night, from writing to recording.

Hot for Math Teacher (H4MT) is math rock band that formed my freshman year, then disbanded, then rebanded to record and play a final show in 2019. We are still the greatest math rock band of all time.